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The American Covenant: The Untold Story

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Discover the Untold Story of America’s Sacred Covenant with God, and Why It Still Matters Today.

America is a mighty nation undergoing a historic national crisis. We have turned our backs on the sacred covenant forged between America’s founders and our Creator.

In this newly revised book by Marshall Foster, you’ll discover the stolen truths of our American history, all in one, easy-to-read volume. Learn how to become God’s unstoppable force to defeat tyranny, and restore God’s promises to our families – and our nation.


Special foreword by television, film actor, and producer, Kirk Cameron.

"The American Covenant: the Untold Story has become the study guide for millions of people gathering (virtually) around a campfire in my backyard. My prayer is that this book will be a source of light and life to you and your family as it has been for me and mine.” - Kirk Cameron


Recover the stolen truths of American history

In this book, you’ll learn:

  • How today’s progressive model of education has failed our nation
  • The TRUTH about the religious roots that brought forth the rich fruits of liberty, freedom, blessing and prosperity in our nation
  • The mighty deeds of God, why they still matter, and why He made us to be self-governing Christians
  • The difference between voluntary unity and forced conformity
  • How governments that mandate how people think and behave have contributed to the “cancel culture” we see today
  • The single-most important thing we need to bring about a national revival
  • What a REAL spiritual life looks like, rushing back into our nation, as we recognize God has a purpose and a plan for our nation
  • How one self-governing Christian, or one couple – in covenant with God, being propelled by the Holy Spirit and led by the Bible – is God’s most powerful force on the planet!

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Decades of gradualism have invaded our educational system, deceitfully removing all references to a covenantal God in our nation’s beginnings. Learn the TRUTH here!



Read “The American Covenant: The Untold Story” to discover the TRUE, Christian history of our nation.



Create a strategy for success for your family. Join the fight against the cancel culture, baseless humanism, and radical secularism and rise up as God's torchbearers of freedom!

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Written by renown Christian historian, educator and author, Marshall Foster

Marshall Foster and his wife Trish are the founders of the World History Institute, a non-profit educational foundation that teaches the Biblical and historical truths of liberty.

Having been in full-time ministry for over 50 years, Marshall knows how it feels to watch the news and experience the same sense of hopelessness you may feel.

And, what does history have to do with it?

  • What does America’s history have to do with you?
  • How can history still matter today?
  • Why would God choose people like us to play a role in the restoration of our culture?

All these questions and more are answered in The American Covenant: The Untold Story.

Through years of partnerships with courageous leaders of the faith like Bill Bright, D. James Kennedy, Kirk Cameron, and others, Marshall has spent over half a century as a best-selling author, documentary producer and educator.

Marshall oversees the Christian-based education of more than 12,000 students each year, introducing the untold, unsecularized, historical truths of the heroes and adventures that have restored civilizations and spawned Great Awakenings throughout the ages.

In The American Covenant: The Untold Story, Marshall delivers the exact formula that has helped thousands of readers across the nation reignite their passion for a Biblical worldview, and helped countless believers reclaim their hope in Christ for our nation.

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What people are saying

"Marshall personally inspired me many years ago. I purchased and devoured his books and tapes, and I can unequivocally say that he is significantly responsible for my career in writing and teaching American history!"

- William J. Federer, President of Amerisearch, Inc. and best-selling author

"Marshall Foster has a passion to teach Americans about our rich Christian legacy and the incredible impact of Christianity on Western civilization. I am honored to recommend his work."

- Jerry Newcombe, D.Min., Senior producer, D. James Kennedy Ministries and best-selling author

"Marshall has criss-crossed America for decades, passionately teaching our providential history, covenantal understanding, and Christian self-government. These are articulated here in his book The American Covenantin a fresh way for a new generation in America."

- Dr. Paul Jehle, President, Plymouth Rock Foundation


Marshall Foster is conducting a very limited number of promotional appearances in support of The American Covenant: The Untold Story.

Please direct all press and interview inquiries to: [email protected]


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